Contributing Photographer: Shahram Saadat

Contributing Photographer: Shahram Saadat

Currently based in London UK, Shahram is studying BA Photography at London College of Communication and recently published a book on his experience in Paris during the November terrorist attacks.


Shahram Saadat
Shahram Saadat -Contributing Photographer #1


Friday 13th November 2015 saw the world in shock in reaction to what took place in Paris. The city bore witness to a series of terrorist attacks in one evening that claimed the largest amount of casualties on French soil since the Second World War.

Paris has always been my home and seeing it in this state of shock and despair was an eye opening experience. Witnessing the change in atmosphere and the solidarity of the Parisians inspired this photo-narrative of what occurred.


Initially when I arrived in Paris, on the Friday morning, there was a buzz about the place with people looking forward to the weekend on an unusually warm day. I made my way about the city working on a different project exploring the space in which we interact within a metropolis.

At 11pm my phone started going off with phone calls and texts asking if I was alright, at this point I had no idea what was going on. I switched on the news to discover that the city was in a sea of panic and confusion. I watched countless media reports coming in with varying information until the early hours of the next morning. I rang the rest of my family in Paris to make sure they were alright and then picked up my camera and got on the deserted metro at 6am to the locations. They were packed with journalists from everywhere, it was surprising to see the amount of photographers all after the same shots.

For the rest of the weekend I made my way between the crime scenes at the Hospital where the victims had been taken, the city was in a nightmare, the residents walking around not being able to comprehend exactly what happened.

What really hit me was the solidarity between everyone, in the midst of the terrible atrocities.

My book ‘AttAck’ explores my experience and the impact that the media had on the relay of information, an attack on the reader of the newspaper and the viewers of the television, with flashing headlines intended to shock.

AttACK by Shahram Saadat 2


















AttACK by Shahram Saadat


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